In Colorado, the Second Amendment is a cherished right. Across the state, citizens enjoy the freedom to defend themselves and their families each and every day. Historically, attempts by politicians to take away those rights have been met with strong resistance, but nonetheless, anti gun laws have been signed into law and also continue to be introduced here in Colorado. 

Here are some examples:

HB 19-1177 – Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) or “Red Flag”

Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs), informally known as red flag laws, are gaining traction in legislatures nationwide. In Colorado, this red flag law is disguised as a “common-sense” proposal to disarm people who allegedly present a danger to themselves or others around them.

Timeline of events:

March 4, 2019: HB 19-1177 passed the Colorado House of Representatives by a straight party line 38-25 vote.

March 28, 2019: HB 19-1177 passed the Colorado Senate by an 18-17 vote.

April 12, 2019: Governor Jared Polis signed HB 19-1177 into law.

In 2018, a very similar bill was defeated in the State Senate, but that was before Democrats doing the bidding of Governor Jared Polis took control of the Senate.

This scary piece of legislation would allow a court order to be sought against you to have your guns seized if someone even “believed” you could be a threat.

Law enforcement all across Colorado have come out in public opposition to the bill, including the Denver and Aurora police unions, in addition to numerous sheriffs.

Here are some potential threats of the Red Flag Gun Laws:

Due process rights are put on the chopping block.

Anti-gun family members, friends, or acquaintances can make false accusations to trigger the confiscation of law-abiding gun owners’ guns. They can take these accusations to a court of law, even if the individual in question was not charged or convicted of a crime. In turn, due process rights are turned upside down, as gun owners are presumed to be guilty and must then prove their innocence.

Once your guns are seized, it is up to you to prove you do not pose any type of risk in order to get them back.

Indefinite time frames for gun confiscation.

The duration of ERPOs is unclear — and you could end up waiting weeks, months, or even a year. Gun owners would then be forced to go to court multiple times just to win their Constitutional rights back, meanwhile being defenseless in their own homes.

Any lawmakers under the impression that compromising on red flag laws will curtail further gun control attempts, are in for a rude awakening.


Here are a few additional bullet points to help you better understand just how horrendous this bill could be: