Support Pro-Freedom Legal Battles Through the Colorado Freedom Defense Fund

At the Colorado Freedom Force, we believe no one is above the Constitution.

In recent years, some of the best defenses of freedom and liberty have come through our courtrooms.

For the average person or small business, litigation and the civil discovery process is cost prohibitive, and far too many Coloradans feel they just have to “sit there and take it” rather than fight back legally.

That’s where the Freedom Defense Fund comes in!

In 2020, our fund was able to raise $15,000 in the just three days to help a small business in Castle Rock to fight back against Governor Jared Polis’ mandatory shutdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, we are once again asking for your support as we, alongside a coalition of other organizations, are raising funds for a lawsuit against State House Speaker Julie McCluskie and Governor Polis.

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A lawsuit was just filed to in a Denver District Court against Governor Jared Polis and Speaker Julie McCluskie to overturn HB23B-1002 – the expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit passed during November’s Special Legislative Session which robbed over $180 million from your TABOR refunds.

In their rush to ram through this new law, Colorado Democrats violated the constitution by ignoring Rep. Scott Bottoms (the plaintiff of this lawsuit) when he repeatedly asked to be recognized from the floor, including submitting a written request to the House Clerk.

Asking to be recognized and asking for a bill to be read at length are Bottoms’ constitutional right as a state legislator.

“Section 22. Reading and passage of bills. Every bill shall be read by title when introduced, and at length on two different days in each house; provided, however, any reading at length may be dispensed with upon unanimous consent of the members present. All substantial amendments made thereto shall be printed for the use of the members before the final vote is taken on the bill, and no bill shall become a law except by a vote of the majority of all members elected to each house taken on two separate days in each house, nor unless upon its final passage the vote be taken by ayes and noes and the names of those voting be entered on the journal.”

“Section 22b. Effect of sections 20 and 22a. Any action taken in violation of section 20 or 22a of this constitution shall be null and void.”

The Colorado Freedom Force has joined with a coalition of organizations to crowdfund the legal fees for this suit, seeking to raise a combined $30,000 as soon as possible.

The 12-page suit was filed by The Law Firm of Hampton & Pigott LLP by Natalie T. Chase, #34971 and David J. Pigott, #44005.

A legal victory here is not only a huge win for TABOR, but it will be a firm reminder to Colorado Legislators that Coloradans have had enough overreach, especially when it comes to increasing taxes.

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