With attacks on our personal freedoms and liberties coming from every angle lately, it can be difficult to keep track of the extensive list of issues where Colorado lawmakers are failing to represent our best interests. Here are a some of the issues we encourage you to stay educated on:


TABOR is a true friend to Coloradan's wallets, keeping government spending in check. No surprise it is under near constant attack from Leftists.

School Choice

Our schools are failing our children and parents deserve more choices.

Second Amendment

"Shall not be infringed." Any questions?

Health Choices

Your body, your choice, right!? Apparently that only applies when it fits the agenda of radicals, and not when you want to make informed decisions about your own health.


Colorado boasts an abundance of energy resources available our citizens. They should be free to choose their our source of energy.


When properly regulated, immigration can be healthy for the economy and promote diversity. But, when it's an unchecked, free-for-all...

Election Integrity

Transparency is vital in instilling confidence in our elections. Colorado is not "the gold standard", and we have work to do to clean up our elections.