School Entry Forced Immunization

📋This bill strips away parental authority and puts the government’s health department in charge.

Senate Bill 163 will require all parents who seek a non-medical exemption for their child to either submit to an online re-education program from the health department or get their doctor to sign a medical exemption “certificate.”  Best of luck to you on finding a doctor willing to sign the certificate.

After signing, the doctor is required to turn that information over to the state’s immunization registry system, meaning your child is now in a government database.

By removing the distinctions of “Religious” and “Philosophical” and placing both into one category of “non-medical exemption,” this bill effectively removes one of our three current exemptions. It also removes all stated reasons for non-medical exemptions stripping Coloradans of both religious freedom and liberty of conscience.

Last year thousands of Colorado citizens showed up multiple times to tell the legislature they don’t want this kind of government control of their families. Let’s hope it’s double that amount this session!

⏰Introduced in the Senate – Assigned to the Senate Health & Human Services Committee

✏️ Prime Sponsors of SB20-163:

🔵Sen. Julie Conzales (D) – Senate District 34
🔴Sen. Kevin Priola (R) – Senate District 25
🔵Rep. Kyle Mullica (D) – House District 34

📖 Read the full bill text here: SB20-163