In November of 2018, Coloradans cast their votes to defeat Proposition 112, an anti-Oil & Gas industry measure which would have dealt a major blow to the Colorado economy and effectively banned new oil and gas development here.

Ignoring the wishes of the Colorado voters, anti-industry activists worked with the liberal members of the legislature to pass anti Oil & Gas bill SB19-181.

The Bill steamrolled through the legislature and Governor Polis (D) eagerly signed SB19-181 into law on April 16, 2019.

Employees, industry experts and opposing legislators are saying Polis and the radical state controlled legislature virtually guaranteed a future recession through this legislation, placing at risk the $31 billion oil and gas industry in Colorado.

Each year, this industry directly provides nearly $700 million dollars to Colorado schools and colleges through taxes paid.

Already, many Coloradans have lost their jobs, and oil and gas companies are moving their assets to other states. In total, more than 230,000 Coloradans directly or indirectly may lose their jobs as a result of SB19-181.

Estimates claim more than $13.5 billion (with a ‘B’) will be lost in tax revenues in Colorado in just ten years’ time, and potentially more than $250 billion in lost GDP growth in the same time frame.

Colorado citizens cannot afford the current radical legislative trend, where elected officials do not listen to the wisdom of the people, place our state in financial risk, and our children’s future education dollars in jeopardy simply because they desire to implement an extreme environmental agenda more than safeguarding Colorado’s solvency and prosperity of our citizens.