Colorado Affordable Health Care Option

📋Here is the Democrats’ long-awaited “public option” – A State controlled health insurance plan.

Arguments in favor of the bill claim it will lower costs of insurance, but an actuary hired by the Polis administration showed it will actually increase the cost of insurance for many, if not most households in CO.

Under the bill, the state would force insurance companies to sell the plan in every county and every hospital would accept it or risk losing their license or paying fines between $10,000 and $40,000 daily. As many as 23 rural hospitals could face closure if this bill is passed.

⏰ Status: March 11th – Referred to House Appropriations Committee

✏️ Prime Sponsors of HB20-1349:

🔵Sen. Kerry Donovan (D) – Senate District 5
🔵Rep. Dylan Roberts (D) – House District 26
🔵Rep. Chris Kennedy (D) – House District 23

📖 Read the full bill text here: HB20-1349