Repeal Red Flag and Amend 72-Hour Hold

📋This bill repeals the laws relating to extreme risk protection orders.

Under current law, a person can be held on an involuntary 72-hour mental health hold if the person appears to be an imminent danger to others or to himself or herself. The bill changes the standard from imminent danger to extreme risk and defines extreme risk as a credible and exigent threat of danger to themselves or others through actionable threats of violence or death as result of a current mental health state.

Next Hearing: Thursday, March 12th @ 1:30 p.m. – House Judiciary Committee

✏️ Prime Sponsors of HB20-1271

🔴Rep. Lori Saine (R) – House District 63
🔴 Sen. John Cooke (R) – Senate District 13
🔴 Sen Jim Smallwood (R) – Senate District 4

📖 Read the full bill text here: HB20-1271