Let’s celebrate some of the small victories.


From The Colorado Freedom Force

As a way of commemorating our 50th Freedom Action Report, the Colorado Freedom Force is dedicating this email to recent victories in freedom.

Let’s face it, the last year has been rough. 

With a majority in both chambers, the activists-turned-politicians in Colorado have wasted little time ramming through their radical agenda, oftentimes ignoring public sentiment altogether.

But mixed in there, you’ll find a handful of small, yet meaningful victories for freedom lovers like you.

HB21-1295 Defeated

The discussion around school choice has transcended political party lines in Colorado for quite some time.

Even with Teacher’s Unions spending millions of dollars (paid for by union dues, of course) to lobby elected officials, the idea that maybe children shouldn’t be forced to attend a school based on nothing but their zip code hasn’t died.

HB21-1295 was an attempt to put an end to the creation of any new charter schools in Colorado, which would in turn embolden public schools and the indoctrination which comes with them.

After hours of debate, this bill was finally killed in the Legislature. 

HOAs Put in Their Place

One of the results of Colorado’s fast-paced "urban sprawl" is the presence of far more Homeowner Associations (HOAs) than ever before.

In fact, the vast majority of newly built homes in Colorado are in HOA-controlled communities.

Surely you have heard the horror stories of residents receiving threatening letters from the HOA board to take down their flags or political yard signs, especially in election years.

But, the Colorado Constitution (Article II, Section 10) protects citizens’ right to speak even more broadly than the First Amendment does.

Current law already prohibited HOAs from restricting the display of American flags and military service flags, but left the door wide open for the barring of political signage except in an election season, which is understood as the 45 days prior to a major election.

Thanks for the recent passage of HB21-1310, HOAs in Colorado are now prohibited from banning signs and flags based on their message, at any time.

HOAs may still set rules so long as they are "reasonable and content neutral", and may restrict the number, location or size of flags of signs.

This is a small win for private property ownership in Colorado.

Judge Blocks Legislators from Redistricting Influence

After each census, Americans can always expect a heated fight over the drawing of new district lines.

With Colorado officially gaining an eighth Congressional seat due to population growth, the stakes are even higher for political parties and their turf wars.

That’s why it came as no surprise Colorado legislators introduced SB21-247 to try to add their own influence to the process, even though it is supposed to be conducted by an entirely independent commission.

Thankfully, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled last Tuesday to keep elected politicians out of the process, at least for now.

In the meantime, the (independent) Legislative Redistricting Commission will press forward using incomplete census data (the final number should be available in August) to draw new district lines.

The Commission has set goals to finish drawing new Congressional lines by June 23rd, and new Legislative lines by June 28th.

Nothing quite says "Colorado politics are changing" like to drawing of new district lines.

Who knows, you just might have new representation in Denver and in Washington in the near future.

For Freedom,

The Colorado Freedom Force

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