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Orwell’s “1984” was written as a warning, not an instruction manual!

From The Colorado Freedom Force

When novelist George Orwell wrote “1984”, he did so to serve as a warning of just how far a totalitarian government will go to acquire and maintain power.

He did not do so to provide the Left with an instruction manual.

Apparently Governor Polis and his cabal of radicals in the legislature didn’t get that memo – or they’re just too power hungry to care.

One of the bad bills we will discuss in this week’s Freedom Action Report is a chapter right out of Orwell’s book, and a real life horror story.

If you thought the censorship was bad last fall, just wait until your government gives themselves a legal authority to decide what is true and what isn’t.

See our update on noteworthy Colorado legislation below:


HB21-1191 (Ransom-R) Prohibit Discrimination COVID-19 Vaccine Status

This forward-looking bill aims to head off any possible discrimination tactics which could be used against those of us who decide to not take the COVID-19 vaccine.

The bill prohibits discrimination from employers and licensed health facilities, as well as clarifies the vaccine is not mandatory, meaning the State cannot force any individual obtain a vaccine.

HB21-1185 (Neville-R) Block Governor from Suspending Firearm Sales During an Emergency

This bill modifies existing law, which currently grants the Governor of Colorado the power to limit the sale, dispensing or transportation of firearms during a time of emergency.

The bill also repeals the prohibition on completing a handgun training class via the internet or in a location other than the physical location where the certified instructor offers the course.


SB21-132 (Donovan-D) – Digital Communications Regulation

This bill, introduced by Democrat Kerry Donovan would create a new, government commission tasked with determining what is “disinformation”, “fake news” and “conspiracy theories”. The bill language appears to be borrowed directly from a similar proposal made by New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in January. 

The bill adds government authority behind the already expansive, liberal takeover by Silicon Valley tech giants, giving them unprecedented power over our digital communications.

HB21-1106 (Duran-D) – Safe Storage of Firearms

Making its second Action Report appearance of the session, this “safe storage” bill has passed the State House (along party lines, of course) and is headed to the Senate.

If passed, and signed into law, this bill forces Colorado gun owners to make a difficult decision. You can either opt to follow the law, rendering your weapon essentially useless if needed in a split second, or be committing a second degree misdemeanor crime.

In the Colorado Legislature, there are now more than 400 bills which have been introduced, all with the same objective – to become a law which we have to live under.

Activism in our state continues to grow, and for all of those taking the time to contact your representatives or dedicating your time to testify remotely… Thank You!

It is important to use these times to closely catalog the actions of our elected officials, because many voters may forget between now and the 20+ months which will pass between now and the 2022 elections.

The main sponsor of the government “Ministry of Truth”, Kerry Donovan, has already announced her intentions to challenge Rep. Lauren Boebert for her Congressional seat next year.

We will be watching… and hope you will be too.

For Freedom,


The Colorado Freedom Force

PS – Our petition to support election reform legislation has gathered thousands of signatures so far!  

Votes on these bills have been delayed, so there is still time to sign if you haven’t already. Please also share the link with pro-freedom friends around the state!

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