Countless small businesses in Colorado have been affected by the over-the-top orders of Governor Polis as part of his response to COVID-19.

What he believes is saving lives, is actually only killing livelihoods.

As part of the Freedom Defense Fund’s lawsuit against Governor Polis, we asked for Colorado Businesses to share their stories with us.

Here are just a few:

Elevation Fabrication

We have been in business since 2014. I started out with $500 and a wrecked truck. Over the past 6 years we have been able to provide welding services for all sorts of industries! Fortunately we provided extraordinary customer service and high quality work! We grew slowly. Without any help from the banks or investors, we were able to sink our roots into the community and really bring solutions to many customers! As of 2019 we were blessed to provide full time work for a crew of 12 welders and their families! Not only that but over the years we have provided entry level positions to many younger workers who could not afford training. While employed with us we were able to train them and certify them. Many of those workers are still with us today in a crew leader position and many others took the experience and training with them to start their own small businesses! On top of the services we provide for our customers, the high paying jobs we create for many Colorado workers, and training, we have also been able to give back to our community! We support many local little league teams from baseball, to football, and rugby! We sponsor kids teams to make sure that everyone is able to afford their equipment and fees involved in their sports! We support our local church and other charitable organizations as well! It’s our honor to be able to give back to the community that has always allowed us to go out there and earn our way through life!

Due to the overwhelming restrictions placed on small businesses by our governor, we have seen over 75% of our customers shut down and or cancel projects due to their sales being essentially depleted! The restrictions have robbed so many of our industries of their income stream that they are forced to close permanently or go bankrupt trying to keep their workers and contractors employed! This is a trickle down effect. It directly impacts our business and many others as well! Due to the restrictions we have lost a major amount of our customer base. This means that we are now risking losing our ability to stay in business also! Unfortunately the government’s p.p.p. loans were unavailable to us and there is no way for us to keep all of our workers employed! We have experienced a great loss, both in our economic position as well as our job opportunities! We have been losing all of the work that was put into this company! The years of sacrifice to build a strong business that directly benefits too many lives, has been wasted by a governor that does not care about the economy or the people who built it! I personally gave up years of my life, dedicated to saving every penny in order to be able to hire on more and more workers! I gave up physical sacrifices that will remain with my body the rest of my life, in order to grow a company that provides for so many! All of those sacrifices were robbed when the governor mandated Colorado businesses to shut down or placed such hindering restrictions on us that we were unable to provide the services needed to our customers! This overreach of our governor has robbed Colorado citizens of their freedoms and hope! The constitution was created to protect us from tyrants, and to protect our god given freedoms! The governor has proven that he does not support the constitution nor does he respect the people in this state! He has robbed our team of workers and their families of not only their freedoms and financial stability, but also our hope! The hope in our country, our state, and our futures! This must end!

Full Armour Sports Teams/ Full Armour Swim Team

Full Armour Sports and Swim Team serves over 100 kids in the Colorado Springs community. We are a faith based program who truly loves our kids and provides a safe environment for kids to learn, grow and thrive. We give out over $18,000 in scholarships annually to underprivileged youth and have never turned away a kid due to financial issues. Most of those scholarships are subsidized by Meet series that we run in April and June, that bring in approximately $36,000, with those funds being used to help pay rent and coaches. We strive to keep excellent coach to athlete ratios and aim to provide low cost programs to our families as we believe sports and quality coaching should be accessible and affordable for all families, not just the families who are well off. This shutdown will cost us close to if not over $50,000.


We are the first pop-up Micro Pizzeria in Colorado making Neapolitan style pizza in just 90 seconds! We work directly with breweries who do not have a food option. We relaunched for Spring on March 14, 2020 and we were shut down 2 days later by the state/county. This has been a waking nightmare for us with no relief in sight and with two young children depending on us, we are more than concerned about our rights that have been stripped away. Please help!

Denver Free Fun

Denver Free Fun has been one of the largest and fastest growing companies in Denver with all the free and cheap events around town as we as hosting our own events. We are paid for through small business advertising sponsors. March was looking like our best month ever in revenue, a new website, a tv segment and several accolades in the news. The shut down stopped all of that. Businesses who had invoices out didn’t pay and no new business came in due to the uncertainty of if and when they could reopen effectively cutting us off at the knees. While we contine to operate, revenue is nearly non-existent at this point as businesses have no revenue to advertise. All our events have had to be cancelled or rescheduled, franchising growth stopped, and existing advertisers are scrambling to adjust. Even after businesses reopen, it will take us several months to recover as many small businesses will recoopimg their losses and still be unable to out money towards advertising dollars.

Colorado Catch

We have been in business since 1992. We have sustainably produced sushi grade Bass since starting in 1992. We are a second generation family owned farm and have grown to produce a half a million lbs of sustainable striped bass. Before Covid we were selling 10k lbs per week. The first 3 weeks after covid shutdown was announced our sales were directly impacted and cut to 0. In the weeks after the announcement we are down 89% in sales. Our fish still have to eat for survival, we still are paying all utility bills as well as all labor costs. The ppp program was a little help but as you well know that only covers labor. We all have to get our freedoms back and be able run our businesses. Get out of our way and let us do what we do best.

Healing Choice Chiropractic

DORA and Polis over reached by essentially practicing medicine without a license by choosing what patients got treated and which didn’t. I was closed for 1 week by order, then opened but only to severe patients. Have lost many patients due to fear over the virus, and economic hardship.

Chim-Chiminee Sweeps

Governor Polis took away our work. We went almost 40 days with no income.