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It’s time for some spring cleaning – of socialist agendas in Colorado.

From The Colorado Freedom Force
The Second Amendment has continued to be a heavily discussed subject in Colorado this year, and after this week’s shooting in Boulder, it’s more front-and-center than ever.
That’s dangerous.
As usual, the “we have to do something” crowd will be making impassioned stump speeches and pitching the same long list of laws they want to pass which will, in the end, do nothing to stop criminals from being what they are – people who don’t follow the law.

But facts don’t matter here, nor does common sense or logic. So please remember that when attempting to explain your position to internet trolls.

This week, we will only mention one bad bill in order to give you a little more time to focus on the other action items here in this email.

Many of the other significant bills, especially the good ones, have been killed in committee along party line votes.


SB21-182 (Buckner – D) School Discipline (or lack thereof)

This bill prohibits a student from being arrested, ticketed or cited for most misdemeanor crimes if it is committed on school grounds or at a school function. Officers would be unable to handcuff an elementary school student.

The bill also requires reporting to be broken down by race, ethnicity, gender, status as a student with a disability, and socioeconomic status. (full text)

After several delays, the slate of election integrity bills are scheduled for hearings tomorrow, March 29th.

If you’ve yet to sign our petition, please click the image below and sign so we can deliver your digital signature to the following legislators on the State, Civic, Military, & Veterans Affairs Committee:

Alex Valdez – District 5
Steven Woodrow – District 6
Jennifer Bacon – District 7
Tracey Bennet – District 12
Judy Amabile – District 13
Dave Williams – District 15
Chris Kennedy – District 23
Monica Duran – District 24
Patrick Neville – District 45
Rod Bockenfeld – District 56
Ron Hanks – District 60

Let’s flood these committee members with signatures and show them just how important these bills are to Colorado voters.

Click here to sign!

To follow up on a subject from last week – Initiative 16 a.k.a the PAUSE Act, we are seeing really great progress at the grassroots level.

Local organizers were able to put together an informative website which seems to be getting better every day – check it out here.

And as issue committees do, The Stop PAUSE Coalition is requesting contributions to help launch an advertising campaign to begin the process of educating voters and recruiting volunteers.

If this is something you would like to support, you can find their secure donate link here:

Securely donate to the Stop PAUSE Coalition

There’s a great deal of significance to this issue, and more information and education will be available each and every day. 

Rural Coloradans suffered a loss last fall when urban and suburban residents voted to allow the government to introduce wolves.

This time around, they’re ready to fight back even harder, and we look forward to standing alongside our rural members to preserve Colorado’s values.

For Freedom,



The Colorado Freedom Force

PS – Today really is the last day to sign the election integrity petition if you haven’t already. 

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