Keep your head on a swivel. Overreach comes from all directions in Colorado!


From The Colorado Freedom Force

Here in Colorado, you really do have to keep your head on a swivel. Overreach into our daily lives is coming from all angles.

Unfortunately, it’s not an exaggeration whatsoever.

While the Legislature brings forth never-ending threats of new laws which need to be stopped, freedom fighters have to watch our backs for ballot initiatives, lawsuits and executive orders which encroach on our liberties.

For all the times we’ve made war analogies and you rolled your eyes… Do you see it now?

This just wouldn’t be a real Freedom Action Report if we didn’t discuss activity in the Legislature, but there’s a giant (new) Gorilla in the room as of this week which we simply cannot ignore for one second.

Read more about Initiative 16 (The PAUSE Act) in the second section of this weeks email below:


HB21-1197 (Woog-R) Income Tax Credit for Income Taxes Paid

For income tax years 2021-2025, this bill provides a tax credit to individuals with federal taxable incomes below $20,000 for single tax filers, or $40,000 for individuals filing a joint return. The credit for qualified taxpayers will be equal to the tax amount owed for the year so that the tax due from these qualified taxpayers will be equal to zero. (full text)


SB21-116 (Danielson-D) – Prohibit American Indian Mascots

This bill prohibits American Indian references as mascots including the use of names, symbols and images which depict or refer to an American Indian tribe, individual, custom, or tradition. These names, symbols, and references cannot be used as a mascot, nickname, logo, letterhead or team name for public elementary, middle, junior high, high school, district charter schools, institution charter schools and public institutions of higher education.

Any public K-12 school using an American Indian mascot after October 1, 2021 is instructed to cease use immediately. After June 1, 2022, any public school or institution of higher education using an American Indian mascot will be fined $25,000 each month that the mascot continues to be used. (full text)

HB21-1194 (Tipper-D) – Immigration Legal Defense Fund

This bill proposes to use taxpayer money to support immigrants facing deportation. HB 21-1194 directs state General Fund dollars to a newly created Immigration Legal Assistance Fund. Grants from the Fund will be awarded to Colorado organizations that provide legal representation to indigent clients to cover litigation expenses and costs for representation before an immigration court.

Seventy percent of the money in the Fund is to be used to serve clients who are detained in the custody of the US Department of Homeland Security for deportation proceedings and thirty percent of the money is to be used for clients who are not detained for deportation proceedings. (full text)

Yesterday was Governor Polis’ infamous MeatOut day, and it couldn’t be more clear that he ate a hearty helping of crow for dinner.

Thousands of Coloradans gathered throughout the state to enjoy the delicious products of our very own Ag producers, and social media was simply flooded with shots of beautiful porterhouses and ribeyes galore.

But leave it to Boulder radicals to rain on a parade! A major topic of discussion at these events was the recent progress of Initiative 16, otherwise known as the PAUSE Act.

The Initiative made its way through the Title Board on Wednesday, which is just one of the necessary steps to be taken before we see this question on our ballots in 2022.

Like other statewide initiatives, activists will need to gather approximately 125,000 valid signatures (their website states a goal of 150,000) in six months.

We could not possibly begin to cover all the different ways Initiative 16 would be detrimental to Colorado’s $7B agricultural industry in this email, so we are creating a page on our website where we can offer more detail (and update it as we receive more information).

For now, if you’re not yet familiar with The PAUSE Act, here are a few of the highlights:

 – Would increase food prices for all Coloradans
 – Would destroy tens of thousands of jobs
 – Creates unrealistic laws related to animal husbandry
 – Limits even licensed veterinarians from common practices

Much like the Introduction of non-native wolves ballot questions which passed last fall, the real conversation to be had surrounding Initiative 16 will be rural Coloradans pleading with urban and suburban voters to simply stay out of their business and theirs lives.

And also similar to the wolf introduction, the ballot question is worded in a fashion which will make the average, uneducated voter offer a simple "yes" and move on without second thought.

This year and next, it will take a non-stop, coordinated messaging campaign if Coloradans are going to successfully stop The Pause Act.

For Freedom,

The Colorado Freedom Force

PS – For those of you who have remained active on Facebook, there is a group to join to connect with neighbors for fighting against Initiative 16. 

We have a long fight ahead of us, so please join up and get ready to organize together to fight back. Here’s the link to the group:

Facebook Group Against Initiative 16

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