If we completely lose the integrity of our elections, we are doomed.

From The Colorado Freedom Force

We can probably all agree election integrity is an absolute necessity right now when it comes to defending our Constitutional Republic.

For some, this isn’t a new issue at all. Ballot harvesting, especially on or around college campuses in Colorado, has been a threat for many years.

But, after the 2020 elections, there are more eyes on the subject than ever before.

Just like so many of the other issues in our fight for freedom, there are numerous strategies and ideologies out there right now about how to secure our elections.

In this week’s Freedom Action Report, we will discuss just one of those strategies because not only is it already in motion, but it doesn’t require any heavy lifting on your part. 

The only catch is, if you’re going to lend a hand (or your signature), you’ll have to do it today.

A series of bills were recently introduced in the Colorado Legislature which are focused on securing our elections.

Alone, each bill merely whittles away at the edges of this massive problem.

But together, (if passed) these bills could be a big step in the right direction.

Barring any delays, this bills are scheduled for a hearing March 8th (TOMORROW!).

So please sign our citizens action petition today so we can flood the committee members with signatures and show them just how important these bills are to Colorado voters.

Click the image below to sign!

HB-1053 will allow any citizen to request a hand recount of physical ballots, finally putting into law a procedure for hand-counting in an election recount.

HB-1086 provides only an individual who has provided proof of citizenship may vote in an election.

HB-1088 will require the state auditor to audit 1/5 of all voter registrations every year. This audit would require all voter registrations be checked against other public records to verify the accuracy of registrations.

Passing these bills in the Legislature is just one of many ways to skin this cat.

But signing our petition, or picking up the phone to call the committee representatives is a simple enough task, and one we all ought to pursue right now. 

So please sign and share this petition today so tens of thousands of signatures can be deliver to the Capitol tomorrow before these bills have their hearings.

For Freedom,

PS – Please sign and share this petition today to give our team time to organize signatures and deliver them to the committee before the hearings. 

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