Here are the 14 bills passed in the dark of night:

Disability Symbol Identification Document

Adds a new symbol on Identification cards to alert law enforcement when someone has a less than obvious disability.

Management Of Plastic Products

A government ban on single-use plastics in Colorado.

Measures to Address Law Enforcement Accountability

Adds amendments to the major bill passed and signed by the Governor last year which was related to law enforcement reform.

Protection Order Issued Against Domestic Abuser

Enhances court action to remove firearms from the most violent of offenders.

Public Utilities Commission Study Of Community Choice Energy

Creates and funds a study into whether or not a community should be able to purchase their electricity from a wholesale supplier rather than a local company, primarily focused on renewable energy.

Pre-trial Detention Reform

Requires courts to hold bond setting and release criminals on bond within 48 hours, even for cases where there are victims.

Community Behavioral Health Disaster Program

The bill requires the department of public health and environment to implement the community behavioral health disaster preparedness and response program.

K-12 Education Accountability Systems Performance Audit

This is a data collection bill which would grants access to any and all information schools have, even that which would only be obtained by warrant or subpoena, to a public or private auditor who will look at a number of newly added socioeconomic factors.

Expand Firearm Transfer Background Check Requirements

Expands firearm transfer background check requirements.

Office Of Gun Violence Prevention

Creates a government Office of Gun Violence Prevention.

Global Warming Potential For Public Project Materials

A new law to force the use of "green" materials in the construction of any new taxpayer-funded projects.

Early Childhood System

A bill with "indoctrination" written all over it.

This bill establishes a new Department of Early Childhood Education to establish government-dictated standards across educational programs.

Measures To Modernize The Public Utilities Commission

A bill to raise the costs of your utilities by removing caps.

Also adds more restictios to utility companies.

Bias-motivated Crimes

The bill specifies that for harassment that is bias-motivated or a bias-motivated crime, the bias motivation only needs to be part of the defendant's motivation in committing the crime.

The bill makes the crime of harassment when the harassment is bias-motivated a victim rights act crime, which provides a victim certain statutory rights.